Blog00: Hello world!

2 min readOct 28, 2022

Hi folks !

Welcome to the first article of our revamped blog. And more importantly, for those who have never been here, welcome to our blog, the INSEC Blog!

Through this blog we will be sharing articles, tips and tricks from our team here at INSEC ENSIAS.

Brief presentation of INSEC ENSIAS:

INSEC ENSIAS is the first cybersecurity club in morocco founded in 2010 by students from the ENSIAS school in order to give more opportunities to Moroccan engineering students in the cybersecurity field. INSEC ENSIAS organizes multiple activities each year that aim to train all cybersecurity-minded members and give them knowledge by improving their analytical and reflective skills.

What to expect of the revamped INSEC Blog:

This blog will be updated with new articles weekly, and the content of the articles is sure to be varied. The articles will be presented in 3 categories:

  • A blast from the past (BFTP)
  • Tips and tricks (T&T)
  • Misc

But what do these categories mean?

A blast from the past (BFTP):

This category will be bringing memorable moments from the history of computer security, be it in the form of notable attacks or events that marked the history of computer security.

Tips and tricks (T&T):

This category will be presenting, yes you guessed it, tips and tricks. But obviously not any tips and tricks, we will be covering tips to keep you safe while using your everyday devices and tricks to optimize your experience with them.

Misc (short for miscellaneous):

In this category, we will be posting articles in several subjects, but we'll keep those subjects a surprise ;)


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